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About me

I was born in 1982 in the beautiful and lakes rich region Latgale, Latvia.

        Since childhood the interest in art has always been in the first place. In the second class, as a kid, I applied independently for J. Soikans Ludzas art school. I studied by the famous Latvian artist, poet, actor Anton Kukojs (starred in the movie "Cilvēka bērns"). After graduating this school, I tried to find myself in another field related to the legal sphere, but life  still gave me the opportunity to develop my abilities and talents, finding a job in Culture House as the artist - designer, and later on the Art School teacher. I still work as a visual arts teacher, but already in Riga. Of course, I chose higher education in the arts.

         2007 - Daugavpils University. Secondary education as the visual arts teacher. Qualification - Bachelor professional  degree in art. The teacher's diploma.

         2009 - Daugavpils University. Professional Master's degree in art. Professional master's diploma.

         Parallelly I still develop my abilities in painting, graphics and design.


2004 - Exhibition "Trio" Dagda Culture House;

2005 - Daugavpils University students' exhibition;

2011 - Exhibition "Dagda art school teachers exhibition" Dagda Culture House;

2012 - Exhibition dedicated  to intergovernmental plein air "Smolensk - 1150", Smolensk, Russia;

2013 - Exhibition in Daugavpils local history and art museum;

2015 - The exhibition "Meeting" hotel "Latgola" Daugavpils.